Off to get some gems and hydrogen peroxide for my bones 🐌🌷

me selfie scopophobia 

also people, please feel free to unfollow me if you just aren’t interested in what I post anymore.. I will not feel bad. I wil still post anime/pokemon/cutesy things of course, but I will shift a lot too. 


anyways, today I had another very vivid series of dreams that are very… normal. one part was kind of dramatic but lately my dreams are just so normal andn everyday that I get lost in them..and when I wake up, reality hits me and I remember the task I was set out to do.. “so it wasn’t all a dream!! this is my reality!!”  …yup.


I wish that on tumblr i could block certain people from seeing things.. like.. i could make a private blog but i dont want to. it’s really hard for me to manage more than this one and i want everything to be together. -sigh-


I might become very inactive on here

I’m sorry i haven’t been super active lately, I have been really busy with school and many other things …. Spiritual things that I cannot even begin to explain.. I will be starting out a wordpress blog soon about it so that I can talk on there. I will give out the URL to people who message me and ask… But if I do not give you it please do not be upset…